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Is your Power Fit Treadmill Belt unusable?

If your Power Fit Treadmill belt becomes unbearable, save hundreds or even thousands on buying a new treadmill by just simply replacing the running belt. Our affordable Treadmill belts are high quality mats that produce low noise, low friction and are highly durable. You will have your Power Fit treadmill up and running again in no time with most of our orders leaving the warehouse within 24 hours!

Quality and Affordable Replacement Running Mats

We are the largest supplier of quality replacement Power Fit Treadmill Running Mats. All of our treadmill mats come with an easy to follow, do-it-yourself installation guide, to help you make the process of installing your new Power Fit treadmill belt as stress less as possible.

Seeing as we have 1000’s of belts and 100’s of stock sizes you are guaranteed to find the replacement treadmill belt you need to get your power Fit treadmill up and running again in no time.

Some Power Fit Treadmill Models:
  • Powerfit 1000
  • Powerfit 3001 ( dynafit )
  • Powerfit 3002N
  • Powerfit 3006

Don’t have a Powerfit treadmill? We also offer replacement belts designed for many other brands including:

  • York Belts & Mats
  • Body Science Belts & Mats
  • Health Stream Belts & Mats
  • Vision Fitness Belts & Mats
  • Proteus Belts & Mats
  • Life Fitness Belts & Mats
  • Sports Art Belts & Mats
  • Star Trac Belts & Mats
  • Tunturi Belts & Mats
  • Cardiotech Belts & Mats
  • And many, many more.


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We are always happy to help!